Trent Reznor on DIY vs Major Labels

David Byrne and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails recently sat down to discuss the different business options facing independent musicians today. They both agreed that the current state of the music industry is not about label deals vs DIY, but about choosing the right deal for the independent artist.

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Sharing And Not Bombarding Others On Social Media

Are you sure you are sharing the right things with your fans, friends and followers online? Do you ever worry about bombarding your followers with too many updates?

• Advice about how often you should post to Facebook and Twitter
• What to post when you think “I don’t have anything to say” (which is a big mistake)
• How to establish yourself as a valuable authority and resource on your genre

What are your most effective strategies for posting social media updates?
Bob Baker is the author of three books in the “Guerrilla Music Marketing” series, along with many other books and promotion resources for DIY artists, managers and music biz pros. You’ll find Bob’s free ezine, blog, podcast, video clips, and articles at and

AGTV – Bob Baker – Facebook Tips and Tricks from Artist Growth on Vimeo.

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9 SEO Tips For Musicians


What is SEO(search engine optimization)? It is the process of getting traffic from the “free” or “natural” listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google or Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and are ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Ignoring basic SEO can undermine your music marketing and overall presence on the web.

SEO can help you get started or take things further with your music marketing and overall presence on the web. We’ve gathered top tips on SEO for musicians that should also lead you to additional resources.

 9 SEO Tips For Musicians

1) A domain name that is close to your actual band name will make it easier for people to find you online.

2) A good title for your site simply has to include your band name.

3) Every page on your website should make use of the title, meta description, and meta keywords tags in its header section.

4) Describing pictures so Google knows what’s in them.  Be sure to include your band name in the file description.

5) It’s important to include social medias ‘like’ buttons on your homepage and other pages that you want to rank well in search results. Facebook and Twitter make it very easy to include these buttons anywhere on your website. Be sure to include these buttons on every page.

6) Update your site as often as possible. Add any new music, videos and tour information to the website instantly.

7) Create unique and valuable content from insider information from the band. Have an “about us” page on your website, this page is important for the search engines to crawl.

8) Put your lyrics or materials available on your own website. The more pages with unique content the search engines crawl, the better the chance your band will be found.

9) It’s really important to get links to your site on as many other sites as possible. You can manually do this by commenting on websites and blogs and include links back to your website. Do this with caution, do not appear spammy.


You’ll learn more in the process and discover additional tips to help you in the journey with the SEO.


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Annoying twitter

7 Tips To Avoid Annoying Others On Twitter

Would you walk up to someone on the street that you have never met, that is talking to someone else and say, “Put these headphones on and listen to my music and then can you please tell all your friends about my music?”. The same happens on social media and it is important to be strategic to create a better relationship.

Sometimes artists think this is the right way to do it, but it’s annoying and people usually will end up ignoring you. At the same time, it does weed out the people that are uninterested and leaves you with people you should focus on.  Remember, first impressions are everything, and you’ll never have a chance at another one, so be smart and make it count. Below are the 7 things to avoid when creating a relationship on Twitter.

7 Ways to Avoid Annoying Others on Twitter

1.  Introducing Yourself With an Ad- Don’t start by promoting yourself. There’s plenty of time for that, and your introduction to someone is not it! Do a little research make personalized message for that particular fan.

2. Interrupting Conversations

When there’s a conversation going on Twitter, don’t reply to all with a link to your video or unnecessary action. Again, make it personalized and speak directly with one person at a time.

3. Tweets With Hashtags

Trying to make every word in your tweet into a hashtag is annoying and usless, avoid using more than a couple hashtags in each message.  Remember, if you are having a conversation with someone, you should only keep them interested in that and not send them off to other conversations with other people. You should keep them focused only on you and what you are talking about.

4. Sending Ads Via Direct Message

How annoying is it to receive automatic DM’s? Exactly. A direct message is really personal and should be a private conversation between you and the person you are contacting.

5. Using Hashtags In Your Bio

Overloading your bio with tons of hashtags and @usernames, may make it look unreadable and cheap. In your bio, only include important links such as your personal website, Facebook fan page, and in some cases, the place for your most recent music release

6. Broadcasting!

Promote yourself, shows, videos in every way shape possible but avoid sharing something else from another band, blog, or fan.

7. Making untargeted Contacts

Find out about the person you are contacting, to promote something. Read their profile. Follow the link to their website and see what they are about.

Bottom Line?

The idea is building a great relationship with one person rather than spamming one thousand. Don’t forget, fans love to promote their newest artist they support, so one new fan could equal a lot more. There’s already millions of people on Twitter that are annoying fans everyday, doing all of the things we just listed. We challenge you to be different and more focused, which will only give you more followers and better relationships with your fans!


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Music In Latin America, Things You Should Know!

Music in the world has evolved through generations and Latin American music is no different.  Latin American music reflects the influences of fiesta, love, social problems and politics. 

The music business in Latin America has developed tremendously in the last 5 to 10 years. Social media and technological inventions have played a key roll in this change. Bands are now able to communicate easily  and more effectively with their fans and new listeners for free. The fact that social media applications are free helps out in a huge way in Latin America since the economies are not as strong as in the USA or Europe.

Although Latin American music has grown impressively  over the last decade thanks to technological inventions,artists still need to know the importance of marketing their product and how to use social media to help them advance.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtoube, Myspace and Soundcloud have became the main channels for artists all over the world to share and communicate with fans and prospective listeners through the Internet.  Artists are able to post tweets, videos, photo-sessions, sell or share their music, and talk to fans for free.

In addition, the music in Latin America have been acquiring power on the radios for several reasons. In the case of Venezuela, government regulations and laws like “Ley resorte” require radio and tv to have about 65% of their broadcasting to be nationally produced and 35%  from international sources.  This law is now in other countries and has multiplied the air time fir national artists helping them build strong foundations in their own country, which could lead to international success.

Furthermore, the union and support between musicians and artists have also been key to breaking the ice in each country. Experienced and upcoming bands team up on shows to get old and new crowds together, so each band can have access to potential fans. In contrast, 8 years ago this wasn’t the case. The best way to see national bands perform was when national bands would open for internationally known bands.  National groups were’t taken as seriously and were called “Teloneros”. The union between bands and the extra air time have now changed completely people’s perceptions about national music, creating stronger support.

Anywhere in the world, music is a product and bands are a company. In order to succeed, musicians need a lot of time, dedication, sacrifice and investment to develop a quality product. As any product that wants to be sold, marketing is key for a successful outcome and for expanding the range of sales. Indeed, if an artist has really good music but does not have a good marketing plan, it is very probable that the music won’t reach as many fans as it could. Therefore, artists need a marketing plan to help them increase the number of their fans and to sell their music.


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Movimiento Musical En Latino America, Cosas Que Deberías Saber!

El movimiento musical en Latino America, ha ido creciendo de una manera bastante visible en los últimos 5 anos. Con ayuda de la redes sociales y nuevas herramientas tecnológicas, las bandas han logrado comunicarse de una forma mas directa y efectiva con sus fans y nuevos escuchas. Facebook y Twitter se han convertido en la herramienta mas utilizadas por los artistas para comunicarse, hacer publicidad, compartir links, entre otros. También, otras herramientas como Youtube y Soundcloud, han ganado importancia en el mundo musical, ya que permite a los artistas cargar sus vídeos, singles y cd’s. Permitiendo al publico puede ver los vídeos, comprar o descargar la música gratuitamente.

Las bandas Latino Americanas han venido adquiriendo mas poder en las radios del país por varias razones. Primero, por las regulaciones del gobierno que exigen a las radios a transmitir un porcentaje de música nacional mas elevado que el porcentaje de música internacional, dando mas oportunidad a las bandas y artistas nacionales a ser escuchado. Segundo, por union entre los artistas que fueron rompiendo el hielo musical en el país y los artistas que aun no habían sido de gran reconocimiento publico, atraves de shows con las bandas conocidas y algunas emergentes.

Antes en Latino America, la forma mas común de ver un buen show de las bandas nacionales era cuando abrían los conciertos de bandas internacionales, popularmente eran conocidos como los teloneros. Pero En los últimos ano esto ha cambiado, los conciertos de las bandas nacionales son mas frecuentes y de mejor calidad haciendo que la gente no los llame mas “Teloneros”.

Ser artista o tener una banda tiene un alto precio: Instrumentos, Equipos, Grabaciones, sesiones de foto, salas de ensayos. Todos estos gastos complican el trabajo y éxito de una banda, ya que en el comienzo un artista no produce suficiente para cubrir todos esos gastos. 

Para los que han tenido bandas, probablemente compartan el pensamiento de que tener una banda es muy parecido a tener una compania. La cual exige de mucha imaginación, dedicación, trabajo, tiempo,sacrificio e inversión para el desarrollo de un producto alta de calidad. Cabe acotar, que un producto necesita de un buen mercadeo, para expandir el rango de venta.  Lo mismo sucede con la música, puede que un producto sea muy bueno, pero sin en el mercadeo necesario, probablemente el producto falle en el intento de ser exitoso. Por eso es de mucha importancia que los artistas tengan un buen sistema de mercadeo, que los ayude a incrementar el numero de fans, downloads, entre otras.

Independent Artists: Four Keys to Successfully Market Your Music

Why don’t I have more followers on Twitter? Why aren’t people supporting my music? What kind of fan base am I trying to reach? As an independent artist, you are not alone in asking yourself these questions. With the number of artists growing more and more, it is hard to know what steps work towards becoming successful. And even when you might know what steps to take, you should be aware of how you approach them in order to reap the highest benefits.

Here are a few components of music marketing and how you should use them to their full potential:

1. Social Media:
Everyone nowadays has an email account, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. These websites (and plenty of others) are powerful tools for independent artists. Today’s world is very much technology-driven. When people want to discover new music, they go online. When people want to know when their favorite artist is coming to town, they check the artist’s website. When people want to know what their favorite artist is doing at the moment, they check their Twitter. The Internet has opened up so many doors for human interaction, and there are innovators out there every day coming up with new ideas in how to help the world with efficiency.
As an independent artist, these social media websites are a big part of marketing, whether you plan on reaching someone that is in your same town or someone that is on the other side of the world. Notice the plural: social media websites. Having just a Facebook page is playing it safe and might not help you reach as many people as you’d like. There are many music-friendly websites out there that are very helpful to any kind of artist. You have to be able to efficiently communicate with the fans you have and the fans you want to gain.

101 Resources for Marketing Music

2. Live Shows:
As an artist, your strength is your music. Whether you rap, sing, or play an instrument, it is what you’re good at and why you are doing all this in the first place. Once you’ve got songs written (and hopefully recorded) you have to get out there and perform them! You are showcasing your talent and you have to sell yourself to an audience. Try to get booked, play at open mics, play at local events, whatever it takes to show people what you’ve got to offer.
Performance is the first part, interaction is the next. There is a different kind of connection that comes with human interaction. If you go up to people that have watched you perform and talk to them, whether it is for feedback or simply to introduce yourself, you are making a stronger impression. It is better to be recognized as a real person and not just someone on stage. If you perform live often, make sure to go out and talk to people. Be open and friendly and you’re sure to make more fans.

3. Put Yourself in Their Shoes:
Whose shoes? Your audience, your fans, the people you are trying to win over. Try to figure out who your fan base is and what they would like to hear from you.
If your marketing strategy is not working, maybe you are not thinking like your fans. Remember, you are also a fan of music, so think about what you would like (or would have liked) to see from your favorite artist, whether it is what kind of music they write, when they release music, interviews, personal interactions, contests, etc. Think about providing good customer service: if you are trying to sell yourself, you have to make sure that your customers are happy.

4. Merchandise:
The best way a fan can support you is by owning your merchandise. CDs, shirts, hoodies, stickers, pins, posters, whatever. You want people to buy these things from you and likewise your fans will want to buy these to support you. If someone is wearing your t-shirt in public, your name is being promoted. If someone is listening to your CD in their car with other people, your music is being promoted. Having your name and music out there for other people to see will never hurt.
Another way to use merchandise as marketing is to have giveaways. This is a simple tactic to get people to check out your music or one of your websites. Something along the lines of signing up for a subscription or liking a status on Facebook can be the objective. You have just marketed yourself and created some buzz, and at the other end, someone wins a free t-shirt. And after all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

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Rosa Carrion

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