Profile: audimated.com/sound4damasses
Location: Chicago, Il.
Genre: Funk
Age: 27, Radio Riot! 30
Website: http://members.soundclick.com/squadbeats

How Did You Get Your Start In Music?

E23: Actually music kind of caught my attention as a child probably about the age of 5, through hearing it on the radio and listening to my parents records. My parents had very eclectic music taste from classic rock to jazz, blues and R&B.

Radio Riot!: For me typical story my uncle was in a band and I used to be around when he played piano and I got hooked through watching him rehearse.

What Makes You Continue To Make Music?

E23: Well we believe there’s a lot of power in music. We’ve seen its influence both good and bad on so many ppl. U2 came here to Chicago a couple of years ago and the masses of people that came to see one band perform was incredible. When it was over everyone was on a musical high. That speaks volumes of the power in music. We love to see people unite and just have a good time so to be able to create music and the challenge that comes from trying to make a good song is a thrill to us. We are new to creating music we’ve got a looong way to go before we get some respect for our work but hopefully we’ll get there.

Radio Riot!: That’s the condensed answer by the way we can stay on that question for hours.

Do You Think That Artists Should Stay Independent or Try To Get A Record Deal?

Radio Riot!: I think it depends on what the artists are looking for. Record deals are cool in terms of getting promotional tools, getting quicker exposure and let’s not forget the money it takes to make that happen. If u fresh out ya mamma’s house with just a dream and a couple of dolla’s in your pocket a record deal can be very beneficial to you. Being independent usually means you have to take on the MASSIVE task of breaking into the business on your own, if you have the means to take on that task with no help from anyone then independent is always better.

How Do You Think Artists Should Be Compensated For Their Music?

Radio Riot!: If you want to make a career at it then the obvious answer is money. There are some artists that just make music for a hobby so they might not be to concerned about compensation. We know its difficult in the era of free downloads to make a buck, but it’s only right that people should been given something for their time and effort. Now we can debate on how much they should receive but that’s another topic.

What Is A Challenge You Have Faced As An Independent Musician?



Radio Riot!: Yeah getting heard or noticed. Technology has made it so much easier to get heard we can make a track here in Chicago and post it on Audimated and the whole world can hear it, but the down side is there’s millions of others with their hands up saying “hey check me out to”. So its easier for us to be accessible but the trade off is there’s more competition. That’s why a service like Audimated is so valuable to people like us with a non-existing budget, so props to you guys for this service. If we ever make it big we’ll be sure an give something back to you.


Radio Riot!: Just to keep at it, E is more so into the social web sites than me he gets the Twitter, Facebook and Audimated accounts. I more old school when it comes to this stuff so I just follow his lead on that one.

What Are Some Artists Have Influenced You And Why?

E23: We have so many for time sake I think Riot and I can both agree on any major hip hop producers in the 90′s Teddy Riley, Timbaland who’s under rated by the way look what he did for Justin Timberlake gave him one of the biggest hits of the decade. We both are big fans of Pharrell cause of the passion he has for music. I mean we can tell for him its music 1st any everything else is secondary. Somebody asked Pharrell who he would like to work with he didn’t give the name of a Pop artist he said Carly Simon. Now how many brothers today even heard of Carly Simon.

Radio Riot!: The N.E.R.D. stuff is hot also

What Have You Learned From Major Label Artists That Have Gone Independent?

E23:That they all say independent is better, but thats only after they’ve made millions of dollars worldwide. Once they go independent they don’t have the same hurdles that people without a name would have.

Would You Rather Earn $300,000 Once As A Record Deal Advance or $50,000 Per Year Selling Your Music Independently? And Why?

“E23: I’d rather go with the $50,000 cause isn’t advance just a nicer way to say loan?
Radio Riot!: Yeah I thought I heard the advance money has to be paid back? I think I would go for which ever is the least amount of headache in the end. I got this peeve about debt, I’ve seen some drastic things being done just so people can try and get out of debt so to make a choice that can possibly put you in a situation where you owe, might not be to smart.
E23: Trying to pay back $300,000 with this economy and gas being what it is…
Radio Riot!: But that’s only if we had the choice the reality is a lot of times you don’t have that choice, so let’s be clear if all you got is that advance, take it and just be wise with the decisions made on how you use the money.

How Do You Think The Music Industry Can Improve?

E23: I would like to see the industry focus more on artist longevity instead of 1 or 2 albums and your gone. Also not build so much hype on gimmicks, hot abs, and overall controversy. That’s good for the entertainment aspect but that should take a backseat to the music.
Radio Riot!: Yeah and to E’s point we just saw this thing about Chris Brown and Rihanna thing being brought up again. Come on now those things are distractions that overshadow the art. So what you will get is a new generation of artist who will focus more on getting a career surrounding hype and BS instead of music which takes away from the quality.

How Do You Think Fans Influence The Distribution And Sales Of Music?

E23: One of the things Riot! and I talk about is how important fans are. With no fans your pretty much making music for your ears only. When I was in H.S. that’s how we heard about a lot of new stuff through word of mouth. We also talk about the consolidation of radio stations across the country and how hard it to get your music heard if your not on the major players playlist, well this is where the fans come in. With their support they can promote you better than the radio stations.

Is Apple A Positive Or A Negative Force Within The Music Industry?

E23: I like my ipod so I might be biased but I haven’t noticed any negatives that they’ve brought to the industry. They’ve definitely changed the game a bit but I can’t say its been negative.

Radio Riot!: I agree the music industry’s problem ain’t Apple somebody was asleep at the wheel and the internet came in a caught the industry off guard and instead of embracing the technology they tried to fight it and it didn’t work. Apple is doing what the music industry should have been doing 15 or 20yrs ago. You got the old guys in suits not being innovative or creative enough to know how to keep their heads above water. E also mentioned the radio consolidation earlier thats got a part in this as well. I can go on for hours about this subject, but no I don’t think Apple has had a negative effect on the industry.

Shout Out To Your Most Beloved Fans:

E23: Our fanbase is just getting established but the ones we have just stay with us we’re still learning and we got a long way to go. Please know that any beats we put out it’s from the heart its not a gimmick, its passion and we really are trying to get better we are our biggest critics. We can’t sing or rap otherwise we’d give you some vocals. Anybody that would like to use our beats please hit us up at Audimated.

Radio Riot!: Let me add if your looking for the same sound that’s on the radio we might not suit you to well. I mean we don’t sound all that innovative but there’s a certain sound to our stuff.

E23: Yeah Sounds 4 Da Masses. Also Thanks again to Audimated for giving us nobody’s a hand in promotion and a voice. Mad Props to Lucas Sommer!!!